Where Has the Time Gone?

I just looked at my list of postings, and I can’t believe the last one was in March! Holy Cow! Where did the time go?

Lemme see….since March, I’ve been: Working at Ryder first part time and then full time. Carpooling with Burly Man to save on gas. Working the “Total Money Makeover”. Being step-mom to Burly Man’s two boys. Keeping the grocery budget small – as of today I’ve saved almost $1500 at Harris Teeter. Being a slug. Battling my diabetes. My mother was diagnosed with dementia and put into assisted living. Finding a new doctor, well really I just switched doctor’s in the same practice. Learning to get along with, and being grateful for all the people that come with being Burly Man’s girl. Reading. Getting caught up in Game of Throne, Boardwalk Empire and Homeland on TV. Finding peace in my circumstances. Vanquishing those failures and dissapointments of yesteryear and lopping their heads off (figuratively, of course). (and speaking of which, why do those little niggling thoughts come at you at 2 a.m. as you’re rolling over into a more comfortable position? I dunno, I wish they’d stop.)

I’m looking forward to the new year. This is the year that the jobs are in line, the first baby step is conquered and we’ll make headway on getting out of debt. Also, this is the year of good health – 2011 was sickly; 2012 will be healthy.

So, to borrow from Benjamin Franklin, while I may not always be early to bed and early to rise, 2012 will be healthier, wealthier and hopefully Burly Man and I will be wiser, too.


I Like Muggy Days

Really, I do.
They remind me of Houston.
They make my hair curly.
They keep your skin looking dewy and youthful (which is good when you’re no longer as youthful or dewy looking as you used to, and you’ve got people fooled that you’re younger than you are)
Lichen and moss growing on the rocks, concrete and the side of your house is kinda cool looking
Muggy days make for lusher plant life
Greener is better
Bugs don’t seem so bad on muggy days
Most of all… they remind me of home.

Sometimes it’s just too much

And sometimes it’s not enough. Life, that is. Lately I’ve been a slug on my days off. Well, Saturday saw to 8 loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen, but there was so much else to do that didn’t get done at all over the weekend. In my quest to just take every day as it comes and be in this moment only, I don’t pause for much introspection on my slothfulness. Perhaps it is just because I run 400 miles an hour at work every day. I fear, however, that the slothfulness on the weekends is becoming a habit I won’t be able to break.

A Wordle About Me

I found Wordle on my sister’s blog. Cool thing, try it. You can feed the content of your favorite blog, podcast, etc, and come up with a graphical representation, in random order. http://www.wordle.com

I did this one base on all the things I was as a kid, things that have interested me throughout my life, and what I believe I am now.


Superbowl Silliness

This past Sunday, I had no intentions of watching the Superbowl. I’m not a big football fan; haven’t really been since the Oilers broke my heart oh, so long ago.

However, my roommate is from St Louis originally, and wanted to watch the game for the Cardinals sake. So, there we were, two non-sports fans watching the big game, cheering for the underdog. At half-time, it seemed like it wasn’t worth watching any more. But the second half was very exciting, and by the last two minutes we were huddled together on the couch, hoping against hope the Cards could pull off the victory, yelling and cheering, jumping and screaming at the television. And… it was a lot of fun. The underdog didn’t win, but man, they played valliantly.