Hope Springs Eternal, or Spring Hopes Eternally

My job at Verizon wrapped up sooner than I thought. I started looking for a new job on February 15th. The writing was on the wall – obviously the web portal for the iPhone sale worked better than anticipated and all the resources Verizon gathered to help weren’t needed. I think I might have taken two to three calls an hour that last week. People were going to have to go home.

All this time that my employment has been sporadic, it’s been hard, but we’re making it without too much pain. What we’ve needed, we’ve had on hand to supply. We’re amazingly blessed, during this recession, to have been able to get by with what we have.

So here we are, at the start of Spring. I know I will have a new job shortly. I don’t know where yet, although I do want to be the pick of the litter for PowerScore. (I go back for a third interview, with the CEO, on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed – I can’t say how much I’d like to work for this company.) It will come soon, and 2011 will end up being a better year than 2010.

I know it’s a cliche, that hope springs eternal. However, what do we have, if we don’t have hope? If we don’t have that something to look forward to, that things will get better, I’ll lose that 10 pounds, I’ll land that job, we’ll buy our dream house, and ultimately that Heaven awaits and at last we’ll see the Face of Love when we get there … then there’s nothing but turmoil, pain, struggle, loneliness, death.

Who wants to wake up every morning with that? Isn’t it better, even if the things we hope for (I’m not including Heaven in this statement) never come to fruition, to have that bright star to set our sites on, to reach for? To always be hoping, in staying optimistic, I think is the way to reach your best.

It’s springtime here in Charleston. The days are appreciably warmer. The sun shines more than it doesn’t. The camellias are in bloom and the azaleas are about to burst forth. There’s an anticipation in the air that is almost tangible. There is hope in the air… can’t you feel it?


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Or, Welcome to the Deep Freeze!

What is going on? It was seasonably cold the week between Christmas and New Years, and then BAM! Arctic Blast from the north and all the Eastern Seaboard, including Florida, is stuck in the freezer. Meteorologists here are even talking about the possibility of snow here in Charleston…and this time it’s been cold enough that snow or ice would stick and refreeze over night. It’s supposed to be warmer today – a high of 49 degrees – but it goes back into the 20s for the low tonight. Over the weekend, lows in the teens!

Obviously, folks in Wisonsin or North Dakota would be laughing at us all down here, but we never get weather this cold. And no one down here knows how to drive on wintery precip either. Going to work tomorrow, if it really does get frosty/snowy over night, will be a joy to behold, I’m sure.

Evening Stroll in Charleston

….is a very romantic thing to do. We discovered the Philadelphia Alley, a lovely, red-brick alley-way between Cumberland and Queen Streets. Tiny baby ferns peeked between the brick and cobbles. It was quiet, it was historical, it was charming, it was an unexpected pleasure.

Brian and I walked around the graveyard at St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church, and then down Cumberland towards Waterfront Park. Spent some time looking out at the harbor, saw a huge tanker by Ft. Sumter, then was struck by the 4 sail tall ship on the horizon. I don’t know where it was going, but it was beautiful in the dusky evening.

We stopped at Bocci’s on the way back to the car for a quiet dinner in a corner table. Great food, beautiful location, and great conversation. A wonderful ending on a long, hectic day.

Thawing out

Finally, more seasonal temps here in the Lowcountry. Being a Gulf Coast girl, my blood is too thin for temps in the 20s. BRRR.

Today should be near 70 and it’s already sunny. I’m taking a friend and my camera to the park for pics and exercise. I need both, badly. I’ll post pics later.

Snow in South Carolina?

They said it would snow over night. I was skeptic, because this is Charleston. But, we did get flurries on Inauguration Day when they said we would. I hopped up yesterday morning like a school kid, looking for the snow crystals on the ground.

Alas, the sky was clear, so was the grass. There was frost on my car, but that’s no fun, just work.

In a way, I’m relieved. I’m sure it snows here about as often as it snows in Houston … almost never. Going to work on Highway 61 would have been a bear with snow and/or ice on it.

So, instead of snow day or delay, it was a beautiful Carolina morning.

Very cold, but beautiful.