Where Have I Been?

I don’t know! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since September 2010!

The company I worked for was sold last year. It took both parties from June until November to close the deal. Nobody could tell who would retain their positions and who would not. So, I found another job.

Great move? No, it was not. As it turned out, I would have kept my job at the old company, and the new company …. well, let’s just say (and I do) that it was not a good fit, and leave it at that. The owner of that small company let me go in less than a month, and by email, to boot. Two weeks before Christmas is not really a good time to be fired.

However, there were blessings and reasons for celebration, even while my stomach was in knots over my finances. The week of Christmas saw three interviews, one of which eventually led to a job offer. The week of New Years saw two more, one of which resulted in the temporary position I have now at Verizon Wireless. I was not expecting to have any interviews at all during the holidays, so I feel extremely grateful that I got those calls.

I’ve been working in the Internet Order Center at Verizon with a whole gaggle of temp workers brought on to assist with the release of the iPhone 4 at the beginning of February. This project has been fun, and I’ve enjoyed being in a corporate setting again after four years of car dealerships. Nothing wrong with dealerships, it’s just a different environment.

This project is wrapping up. I’m looking for work again. I’m hoping to transition from temp worker on a short term project to a permanent full time employee with Verizon.

Keep your fingers crossed. 😀


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