Things I Put Here Instead of Facebook

There are things I don’t post to Facebook, because too many people from work post there and will see it. I don’t think anyone follows this blog besides me, so I feel a bit more free to put my thoughts here. Here goes a list.

  • I was so incredibly disappointed that the position I thought had dropped in my lap like mana from heaven seemed to evaporate
  • I’m shocked at how poorly I handled that particular disappointment
  • I’m shocked at how much I had depended on that position, and took it for granted that it would go my way (I did have good reason to think that it would) and in doing so, have blown off, to a point, my current job. I have not been doing my current job to the best of my abilities
  • Having a significant other with depression is very difficult to manage for the family and personally; the emotional impact is overwhelming at times. I’m split between wanting to slap him “Moonlight” style and say “get over it!” and weeping for this bright, witty guy as he turns in and collapses on himself.
  • I was feeding Molly cat this morning, and thought, ‘well at least pet supplies won’t cost as much now,’ and started bawling like a baby for my Willow kitty
  • I’m happy for the Molly cat’s company and desire to be next to me, but her desire to be on top of me constantly is annoying the living daylights out of me.
  • I had a really good interview yesterday with a small company that looks like it’s about to burst forth into great things. There is excitement and great potential there and I would like to be part of it.

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