Where Has Ann Been?

Working my tail off at a Toyota dealership. I can’t mention which one. I’m not totally sure I should even mention the manufacturer at all. So, I’ve been silent for the most part, over-worked and unsure of what mention of the company, my employer, and my experiences is even ethical on the blogosphere. I can say this, the woes of Toyota have been a double-edged sword: 1) job security for the customer service manager – me, and 2) overwhelming hours and numbers of people calling in afraid their vehicles are going to kill them. I think I could get graduate credit in psychology for the time I’ve spent on the phone with scared, angry, and upset customers.

The hysteria has past. Life has somewhat returned to normal, although I’m not really sure what normal is at this point. I’m getting exercise again. I’m keeping track of my blood sugar and the effects of my medicine. I’m focused again on following Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover ($745 to go in the emergency fund! WOOT!)

Speaking of the TMM, we were able to go see Dave Ramsey live in Charleston. It was a great motivator, and got me and Burly Man on the same page with the same level of intensity and enthusiasm.  We moved from Summerville to Charleston in February, to a place that’s closer to work, has cheaper rent, and rent includes all utilities. It’s a walk-up attic apartment over a business. It is certainly not my dream home, but it will get me out of debt and into my dream home.

Moving was step one of our journey into financial adulthood and freedom. The recall fiasco at Toyota took my eyes off that goal for a bit. And then Dave came to town and gave us a much needed booster shot. Burly Man has been checking out books about cheap grocery shopping, cheap living, etc. He even crossed 6 lanes of busy traffic to get me a Sunday paper today to check out the coupons.

It’s coming together…we will do this…we will be gazelles that outrun the cheetah.

So, TMM recap:

weeks of not eating out: 4

weeks on the envelope system: 2

emergency fund balance: $255


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