Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Or, Welcome to the Deep Freeze!

What is going on? It was seasonably cold the week between Christmas and New Years, and then BAM! Arctic Blast from the north and all the Eastern Seaboard, including Florida, is stuck in the freezer. Meteorologists here are even talking about the possibility of snow here in Charleston…and this time it’s been cold enough that snow or ice would stick and refreeze over night. It’s supposed to be warmer today – a high of 49 degrees – but it goes back into the 20s for the low tonight. Over the weekend, lows in the teens!

Obviously, folks in Wisonsin or North Dakota would be laughing at us all down here, but we never get weather this cold. And no one down here knows how to drive on wintery precip either. Going to work tomorrow, if it really does get frosty/snowy over night, will be a joy to behold, I’m sure.


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