Not so happy…

Last night I had a small snack, took the Lipitor and the Glucovance. Got up this morning and tested….135, what it has been most mornings. I’m a bit upset, but just because I want to get my bg down down down….

Yesterday ended up being a rollercoaster ride. 107 first thing in the morning. Something happened between getting to work, eating breakfast and getting ready for Manager’s Meeting that caused my bg to soar to 211. I felt it before I went to work. I had extreme energy and had to run to the ladies’ room twice before the meeting. I tested after the meeting because I was still on edge. And was shocked. I walked around the building three times, and it came down to 134. By lunchtime it was 112.

So, was breakfast, which I’ve had before on the weekend with a 1 point change in bg at 2 hours post prandial testing, the thing that caused the problem? Or was it the stress of driving behind an 18-wheeler on a two-lane highway? Or the stress of having a tough manager’s meeting at the end of a tough business month? I don’t know.

So, as stated in yesterday’s post, I will be taking the Glucovance with dinner, and taking the Actos at bedtime.



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