Overwhelmed with Information

I’m a book geek. My first reaction to almost anything is to look for a book on whatever topic is on my mind. I buy cable packages based on the availability of CSPAN2, which turns into BookTV on the weekends. I love books, although I have to admit I don’t take as good care of my books as I should.

The point here is, with the diabetes diagnosis, I went overboard on the information. I have bookmarked a good half dozen sites, joined alt.support.diabetes on usenet, and have a stack of books from the library. I’m scheduled for 4 educational sessions at Trident Hospital in October.

I’m so overwhelmed with information, I don’t know where to start with things. It’ll come, I know. I’m in much better spirits this weekend than last weekend. My sugar seems to be in good control right now on meds and diet. I’ve lost some weight – woohoo! Although I’m not sure if that’s from the diabetes or the little bursts of exercise I’m doing. It’s better if its the latter.

Things are coming together, I think. I’m working on absorbing all this information and dissecting it, adapting my lifestyle to it…

Right now, I need a nap.


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