A Little Something to Keep You Awake…

Saw this on Ace of Spades last night. Not for the faint of heart, but here’s the pic:

Here’s the original story.

My response in one word: bleaurrhgghhh, followed by a shudder.

I am terribly afraid of snakes. Won’t find me going into the reptile house at the zoo. I nearly freaked out the first time I went to the South Carolina Aquarium … they had snakes from the different geographic areas of Carolina on display. Yikes!

Really, I hyperventilate and cry when there are snakes on a Discovery Channel special. Yes, I know I can turn the channel.

This fear of snakes is something I developed when my parents lived in the country. It takes something out of you when you open the back door to find a rat snake sunning itself on the top step. Or to find your pet cat under the house playing with a baby copperhead (my response? ‘Daddy, go get him!’ Daddy’s response? ‘Are you CRAZY? There’s a mad copperhead under the house!’) One visit to the house, I was inside, Mama was outside. She came in, told me she grabbed the pistol, told me she was going to shoot it in the yard. Mama’s a little whacky, so I thought okay……When she came back in I asked her what was she shooting at, thinking she’d say rocks or cans or some other typical target. “Snakes,” she replied. “Oh!” I said. I think I stayed inside the house the rest of the visit.

The first Father’s Day weekend after my father passed away I went to visit Mama. I was helping her with the fence and had to go to the back of the yard, in the woods. I took 2 of the dogs with me, thinking they’d scare anything with fangs or rattles before I came upon it. They started hunting moles, so I was on my own. I checked the fence line, and on the way back to the house, started to step and stopped when I heard this …. “hiiiiiisssssssssssss” from the ground. I looked down in time to see a little copperhead strike where my foot would have been. Let me tell you, this big girl levitated, and ran 100 yards in the opposite direction in record time, where I stopped and quietly lost my mind. Until I realized that I had run in the opposite direction from the house and had to make my way back through the woods that I was convinced were now teeming with venomous predators.

When I lived in Arkansas, there was a summer where this house…. I can’t remember if it was in Conway or Cabot, that was a congregation spot for copperhead snakes. It had never happened before, and every evening more and more snakes joined party. Herpetologists from several universities came to study the phenomena. The homeowners seemed to be pretty excited about the events. If it had been my house…. I would have either had to set fire to the yard and woods around it, or move and leave it to the snakes.

You want to know something funny about Bugworks? I LOVE cheesy snake movies on SciFi (I know it’s SyFy now, but that’s stupid). “Snakes on a Plane”? I’m there, love it. Searching for Anacondas in the Carpathians? On it, with popcorn, laughing at the bad acting and dismal graphics. Giant copperheads terrorizing an Old West town? Mesmerized.  It makes no sense, but I love them. I think it’s a way for me to laugh at my fear, to best it instead of it besting me.


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