Long Time, No Post

My last posts were in March, right before I was asked to spearhead a project at work that is ongoing….I’ve been so wiped out when I get home that I hardly have the energy to clean the kitchen after supper.

I discovered last Tuesday that I can’t blame the job for my being so tired. I was diagnosed with diabetes. I’m not too terribly surprised; I’ve struggled with reactive hypglycemia for years and knew eventually the doctor would say the dreaded D word.

It actually makes things – like being so tired, or the thirst I was blaming on the decongestant the allergist gave me, or getting really emotional – make sense. The medication the doctor gave me to help lower my blood sugar gives me some digestive problems, but I feel so much better with my blood sugar in normal ranges that it’s worth the diagnosis and all the things I have to do differently now to stay healthy. I was reading alt.support.diabetes yesterday evening and poster commented that for many people, diabetes is a blessing in disguise because they’re healthier now, more knowledgable and focused on their diet and exercise.

stay tuned for more…i’m going to try to blog my way through my illness.


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